I've always had an intense interest of faces - how the individual shapes of the features connect to one another to create an expression, especially when theatrical, uncertain, or extreme. This has developed into a fascination with ways one can represent dramatic weight and gravity in drawing, and how these facets of reality can be manipulated when applied as abstract marks. Inserting faces, gestures and textures into void environments, I try to find connections between them by cutting through and manipulating the empty space around them, often causing the piece to exist somewhere between figurative and abstract. To accentuate the effect of weight, I work mostly with graphite and charcoal, as these are fluid materials that lend themselves to carving out form and building layers of value.

My drawings are greatly influenced by film imagery, particularly horror and science fiction, and I've come to appreciate how these genres can personify uncertainty and anxiety. I often get my facial expressions from 50's television shows like the Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents; shows that I revisited constantly throughout my life. I'm interested by the sharp faces and simultaneously playful, unsettling, and open-ended curiosity towards the unknown. I like the process of creating these kinds of spaces, and I often find myself drawing faces that are reacting to things only they can see, or confused characters trying to understand a world of lines and space around them. 

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